Crash when editing a specific place

Hi! I’ve been using Arc for quite a while now, love it!! However, yesterday I was at the Tokyo Snake Center in Harajuku, and for some reason every time I try to edit this visit, the app just crashes.

I haven’t seen that happen to any other place, so my best guess is that some nearby place name on Foursquare contains some weird symbols that make Arc derp out and crash, but that’s just a guess.

This issue also applies to Arc Mini, which seems to crash even more often from that, sometimes just when looking at the main timeline even.

Attached is a screen recording of the crash happening, and from what I read you also receive crash reports automatically, is that correct?

[video link removed for privacy]

Please let me know if I can help further diagnose the issue in any way, and thanks for all the great work you’re doing!!

Ah, i somehow missed Crash on Visit Edit view in v3.12.0 - #11 by matt, that’s difinitely the same issue, sorry!

It’s safe to close this topic then, thanks again for all your work! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Astra!

Apple haven’t approved the update yet, but it should be only hours away. I’ll leave this issue open until the update is live and we’ve definitely confirmed it fixes the crash. Fingers crossed!

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any luck on the fixed version to be approved? Unlike others, my 99% places is crashed :rofl: may be because I’m in China

Unfortunately not yet! Usually they approve updates within 24 hours, but this time it’s been more than 48 hours :man_shrugging:t2:

Nothing we can do about it though - just have to wait :disappointed:

The update is finally out! :smiley:

I can now edit my visit, yay!

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Yeah, yay, finally live! :tada::tada:

They finally approved it last night, after taking an extra day to start reviewing it, then wasting another two days rejecting it twice, on utterly nonsense issues. Grr.

First they rejected the update because it doesn’t let you finish the onboarding on iPad. Except it’s specifically an iPhone only app, with special flags to ensure that it can’t be installed on iPad. So the reviewer was 100% wasting their time (and ours).

Then on next attempt, a day later, they rejected it because the app description doesn’t mention that a subscription is necessary to use some of the functionality. Except the app description specifically says exactly that. So the reviewer once again wasted a day.

It’s impossible to not lose my cool with the App Store update reviews process sometimes :rage:

But at least it’s there now! And I’ve got another update almost ready too, with a bunch of improvements to the recently added features. Fingers crossed the reviewers don’t muck about when approving that one.

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