Updating metadata endlessly

Recently, there’s been a popup at the top of the daily view that says “Unconfirmed item” then disappears, reappears and disappears on a loop. When I manually confirm every item in a day, I get another popup that says “Updating metadata” and also loops. Speaking of loops, here are two gifs to illustrate what I mean:


I’m wondering if there’s something is corrupted, and if it’s affecting my battery.

Thankfully that one is mostly just an annoyance, and won’t affect battery life. It will only attempt to update metadata for the visible day, so as soon as you swipe away from that day, or put the app into the background, it’ll stop happening.

It won’t indicate any data corruption. It just indicates a mostly harmless bug that I’ve yet to find the cause of :expressionless: Something will be triggering repeated minor updates to one or more of the timeline items in the visible day, which then triggers metadata updates on those items. The metadata updates will probably complete immediately, due to nothing needing to be done. But yeah, they’ll keep repeating until whatever is causing the item updates stops happening. Which is what I need to find!

Unfortunately those kind of rare mystery bugs don’t tend to happen while I’m working on the code, with the app/phone connected to the debugger. So when I see it happen I’ve got no way of debugging it, to find the cause. Frustrating! But I’ll get it eventually.

Actually, what’s more likely to happen is the new Arc Timeline Editor app coming out, which is rebuilt from the ground up to avoid all sorts of mystery problems like this. Basically I’ve rearchitected everything, from the ground up, to get rid of almost a decade of accumulated cruft, and do things better this time, based on that decade of experience.

Arc Timeline Editor is looking really promising so far! I’m hopeful I’ll have a … well, perhaps a public beta on TestFlight, available some time next month, if all goes well. The eventual goal is to have it fully replace the ageing Arc Timeline app. But until I’ve rebuilt all the functionality it’ll be a separate app, that does the core timeline editing functionality better, without all the mystery bugs we see in Arc Timeline.

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Thanks for the reply, I get it now! I’ve been using Arc actively since 2014, and been a lifetime plan member for a few years. I would obviously love to be a beta tester, if you want :nerd_face:

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Cool :smile:

I think the TestFlight beta will probably be a public one, joinable with a link from the forum. The plan is for it to be perfectly safe to use, with no data risk, and only beta because it’ll be missing a bunch of features, and the UI might be a bit rough in places, while I’m fleshing it out.

But anyway, I’ll have more info once it gets a bit further along. I’m probably going to do another couple of Arc Timeline (and Arc Recorder) updates before we get that far. Can’t neglect the existing apps in the meantime!