Some questions and observations


Some questions :

1/ Since version 3.6.0, I keep getting a message saying “updating metadata”. What does it mean?

2/ In settings, Arc says "local knowledge is low (25%). However, every time Arc asks me to confirm an activity or a location, I do it.

3/ Every day I have to confirm my Home location. Yet after 3 years of use, Arc should start to know it! I guess it’s because I have 2 Home locations that appear in the confirmation choice and it doesn’t know which one to choose. How can I remove one of these two places?

Thank for your help.


Hi @siso!

It means that Arc is fetching or updating things like Health data, place data, etc, for the items in the current timeline view. After timeline processing has completed, each timeline item gets its metadata updated to make sure it’s still correct. The item’s start or end times might have changed, for example, making the cached details out of date.

Hm. 25% is a bit low, but not excessively so. I should probably change the thresholds for when it shows that warning. Just checking the code, it looks like it shows a warning if under 30%, and a stronger warning if under 10% (due to potential greater battery consumption). I’ll change the upper warning to 20%, because really that’s enough these days.

Ah yeah, that’ll be because there’s two, so both of them look like good matches and it can’t confidently choose one over the other.

Are they private places, eg “Home”, that you added yourself? If so, you can tap “Edit private place” and rename one of them to “Home Old” or some such. That way you will know which one to use each time.

You can also then use Search to find and correct previous visits, so that all visits are to the same place. Once a Place has no associated Visits it will be auto deleted.

Though that’s going to take quite a lot of work, for three years of visits! I do have it high on my todos to add a feature for moving all visits from one place to another, for situations like this.

However to stop Arc asking you to confirm the visit every day, you won’t need to change all of the visits, only the most recent ones. The Place classifier takes into account how recent the last visit was when it ranks Places for consideration. So if two Places appear identical in all ways, but one had a visit yesterday while the other hasn’t had a visit in months, the Place visited yesterday will easily win, and Arc will feel confident enough in its choice to not ask you to confirm.

Thank you Matt for these explanations.

I will rename one of the “Home” to Home old as you suggested. If I find the courage, I will change the whole timeline

Oh and thanks for this great application.

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