Change incorrect place assignment

Hi Matt!

I have a couple of locations that started to automatically be assigned to the wrong place.

This gets worse over time because once the incorrect assignment happens, Arc will keep assigning that specific location to the wrong place.

In an attempt to have it relearn the right place for that location I want to edit the assigned place for past visits.

In the overview of recent visits, after editing a visit and reassigning it to the right place, the place name stays the same.

In the background the visit was correctly edited, but the overview will show the old name.

Only after closing this screen and reopening it it will display the correct list.

This makes it especially difficult when going back and editing and correcting 100’s of visits because after a few edits it’s difficult to see where to continue in the list. They all show the old name.

Could you have Arc update the place name from that recent visits list after an edit? Or alternatively, remove it from the list as it does not belong to that place anymore.

Would that be possible?

Yeah I’ve noticed this too. It’s pretty clunky UX.

I had an attempt at cleaning up the UX in that flow a while back, but quickly realised that what looked like something that should be simple to do was actually incredibly awkward. So I shelved the attempt and planned to come back later.

I’ll bump the todo up the list again, to make sure I get back to it soon!

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One silver lining here is that this thankfully isn’t what happens. (Although it often looks like it, which has caused me to go in to the code and double check a bunch of times).

It only updates its Place models from the Visits that have been manually confirmed to that Place, so automatic assignments don’t make it worse over time. So I think the bug / deficiency is that even just one or two incorrect confirmed assignments can cause the model to get the wrong idea, having more impact than they should.

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Ahh glad to hear there are probably only a few incorrectly confirmed places that cause this.

Should be able to solve it easily then by going through all visits for the place and correcting them.

And happy to hear you bumped it up the todo list. Looking forward, thank you!

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