Stuck in low power mode

Arc is in low power mode every time I open the app even though IOS is not in low power mode.

Hi @jjtenhave!

I’ve also been seeing the same problem, and have been investigating it. The problem is that iOS’s “thermal state change notifications” sometimes stop being delivered to Arc.

The short answer is you can get around this problem by swiping the app closed then reopening it. And now for the long answer:

Arc will switch to the Low Power UI if the phone’s thermal state (heat) is “critical” (the full list of possible thermal states is nominal → fair → serious → critical). So for Arc to switch to Low Power UI it must first receive a notification saying the thermal state is critical. But what happens is the phone then fails to send further notifications telling Arc that the thermal state is no longer critical. So far I can find no clue as to why.

This is a new problem that started with an iOS update at some stage. Though curiously Arc Mini is not experiencing the problem, even though both apps use identical code for observing thermal state notifications. The mystery continues. Though hopefully I’ll solve the mystery soon!