Arc keeps stopping

Lately Arc keeps stopping for no reason. My phone is iPhone 11 Pro iOS version is 16.3.1 and Arc latest version. I have often been getting notification, saying ‘Arc has been stopped by iOS’. When I don’t check, it had stopped even for several days! I recently payed for 1 year subscription, and sending this message before refund, hoping things get solved. Looking forward to hearing! Thanks :slight_smile:

FYI, my apple ID for the membership is []. If you reply, please send to []

Hi @JEFFECT0211!

iOS reserves the right to stop any app at any time, and we can only work to avoid that, not prevent it.

If iOS decides it wants to kill off all running apps, to make room in memory for something else (like sometimes when you open the Camera app), that’s what iOS will do. If it decides an app has been using too much energy, or decides the user isn’t really interested in the app even though it hasn’t been using much energy, then iOS might kill it then too.

In Arc’s case it can be a range of reasons, typically related to energy use, even though iOS is extremely energy efficient. And it can appear quite random as to when it happens, with it not happening for months, then suddenly starting and happening repeatedly for a week, then coming right again. And the exact reasons as to why aren’t really visible to you or me.

But there is good news: You can install Arc Mini, so that you have both Arc App and Arc Mini running on your phone, and the two apps will share the job of recording between them, one taking over the job if the other gets killed. That way you can avoid data gaps even when iOS is in a bad mood.

Running both Arc App and Arc Mini doesn’t consume any extra energy, because only one of them will ever be recording at a time, with the other staying in standby waiting until it’s needed.