Restore hangs at 73,981 downloads

Hi Matt,

I got a new phone and my restore is never progressing past downloading from iCloud

How can I circumvent the download and do it ‘manually’?

I can run Arc for days like this, it never gets further.

Hi @yeled! Yeah, that doesn’t sound great :disappointed:

The downloading from iCloud is iOS’s responsibility, which means whether it goes fast or slow, that’s out of our control. But going days with no movement isn’t the same as just going slow! So yeah, we’re gonna have to find a way to encourage iOS to do its thing in this case.

  1. Go into the Files app on your phone, then browse to iCloud Drive > Arc App
  2. a) Check to see if there’s a Restore folder in inside the Import folder
    b) If not, look for the folder named Previous Backups with some random characters at the end
  3. In the Restore folder or Previous Backups folder, go into any of the folders inside there, and tap on the files to start them downloading

Now, doing this for 74,000 files isn’t going to be practical! But getting things moving inside the Files app will hopefully either a) snap iOS out of whatever sleep its in, so that it starts doing the job itself, or b) give you an error message that will explain why iOS isn’t already downloading the requested files.

Note that you might get an error “Inappropriate file type or format” for some of the files when trying to open them in the Files app. That error is fine (we don’t really need to be able to open the files inside the Files app, just download them). But if there’s some other error about not being able to download them, then that’ll be a huge clue as to what the problem is!

Let me know how you get on!