Restore from backup stuck, force download files in iCloud

When restoring my backup it took a very long time to process all files from iCloud.

I felt my iPhone become warm and working a lot on processing everything, only for it to get stuck at a certain number of files. It would then go cold and not do anything, with progress not moving for hours.

In the Files app there is a ‘Download Now’ button that forces all backup files in iCloud to sync to your iPhone. These can then immediately be read by Arc it seems like.

  • I downloaded/synced all files with the Files app open until that finished.
  • I force quitted Arc
  • I opened Arc and started the Restore backup process

This time it went straight through the downloading files process, so this seems to solve it!

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Yep! Exactly :smile:

I’m going through exactly this on one of my test devices at the moment. Arc’s restore process is requesting each file be downloaded one by one, which is what makes it so slow (and also mysteriously what makes the phone get hot - something to do with asking iOS to inform the app about when the downloads complete).

The test device I’m doing it on is on iOS 15.6, and I’m not allowed to upgrade it to iOS 16 because that phone is specifically for testing older iOS, so I don’t have that new “Download Now” button :weary: It’s taking forever. That “Download Now” button really saves the day.

Sounds like you feel the pain :wink:

I guess there is no way to trigger that Download Now from the app.

Perhaps there is a way to deep link to the Arc folder in the Files app, or add a link to a Support page in the forum that describes how a user can use the Download Now button to speed up the process.

Anyway, happy that this button makes it go from a painful wait (which most times just stalls and stops moving, so you’re stuck) to an almost instant progression of the restore process.

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