Persistent two-subscription warning

The two-subscription warning persists after canceling a subscription. I also made a lifetime purchase. The problem is the yearly subscription won’t actually expire until next April. In the meantime, I appear to be stuck with the warning and it’s covering some of the interfaces I think?

Ugh, yeah that warning should have gone away. I think it’ll be a caching problem somewhere in the chain. You should be able to get rid of it by swiping the app closed then reopening it. But it might still persist for a bit longer, if there’s extra caching somewhere along the chain.

If it’s still there after another day, let me know! I’ve had it persist for a few hours during testing, but all my testing is with the “App Store sandbox”, which acts differently from the real App Store sometimes.

For clarity: The warning is there if the app detects an existing subscription that is still set to auto renew. So you shouldn’t see the warning if there’s a subscription that hasn’t expired yet but has had auto renew turned off. But if auto renew was turned off only recently, then it might take a while for that change to filter through.

Thanks Matt,

I assume that ‘auto-renew’ would go away with cancellation of the subscription. I can get the warning to go away temporarily by going to the map view and returning. Maybe move the warning to the settings screen after a few days?

Loving the new features and extra performance. Now I just have to remember to start an exercise session on the watch rather than let it detect the activity later; it often misses the first bit. Now I can see precisely how much!

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Yeah, cancelling a subscription is effectively just turning off auto renew. Because the subscription still continues until the end of the paid period, and just doesn’t auto renew (ie charge again) after that point. That warning bar is checking to see if the subscription still has the “willRenew” flag set.

Great to hear! :smile: Yeah I’ve been being much more conscientious about recording workouts on my Watch too since this update. Though often I don’t bother adding it to Arc’s timeline, because the data recorded by Arc is often cleaner / more accurate. But it’s nice to have that extra data from the Watch, ready to add to the timeline if Arc’s data isn’t as good, or if I left my phone at home.