Not getting songs from

I am not (and have not in sometime) seen data get pulled into Arc (I am a subscriber)
The account is public and viewable (without being logged in)

I have removed the account from Arc, closed it and then reopened Arc and still the same issue.

Any suggestions?

I’ve periodically seen the same thing. And these days it seems to be more often than not the import isn’t happening.

I’ll just check the code and see what the conditions for it are… Ok, so it attempts the import (importing all track plays logged since the last successfully fetched one) when viewing the timeline day view, based on these conditions:

  1. Must be on wifi
  2. Timeline can’t be processing (timeline can be saying “updating metadata”, but not “processing timeline items”)
  3. Won’t attempt an import if one was attempted within the previous 5 minutes

None of that sounds particularly problematic. So my suspicion is that there’s periodic API errors. I’ll have to catch one of those in the act. Which shouldn’t be too hard.

I’m just doing a full restore from backup on my main phone (finally upgraded from 13 Pro to 15 Pro), so I’m going to let that finish first before I start using that phone for debugging. Hopefully will have that finished today. So stay tuned! I should have a better idea of what the problem is shortly.

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