Missing data from trip

Hi, I observed that Arc didn’t take any note of the location while I was in the drive-through lane and it shows as driving on my daily events. Is this a known issue?

Hi again @ukvallabha!

I suspect what’s happened here is the stop was shorter than 2 minutes? Arc will merge brief stops into the surrounding timeline items, to avoid cluttering up the timeline with lots of stops and starts.

You can however force it to keep a brief stop in the timeline. To do so, go into the details view of the surrounding timeline item (in this case probably a car drive item?), then tap EDIT, then “Edit Individual Segments”. From the Individual Segments view you can find the stationary segment for the drive-though stop, and assign it to a place.

Manually assigning a place to a segment like that will promote it to the timeline, ignoring the 2 minute minimum.

If you can’t find an appropriate stationary segment in the Individual Segments, you might need to split one of the existing segments. To do that, tap on the segment that overlaps the time when you were in the drive-through, then tap SPLIT.

Thanks for the clarification. I’ll try that next time.

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