Arc counting Stationary time to Car Trip instead to Location

Hi Matt,

I have sent you a video of trying to move stationary time from Car trip to Location.
Arc just keeps “stealing” time from Location and sticking it to Car trip.

I noticed a short car trip that is not possible to take so long.
I go to Segments and notice a Stationary segment 6 minutes and Car segment 4 minutes.
I set a location for Stationary segment to the same location as nearest location (starting from).
In the Timeline Arc still shows Car trip taking 10 minutes.
I go back to segments and nothing has changed.
I can’t take away those 6 minutes from Car trip and give it to Stay location.

Hi @Jani!

Try tapping “Not stationary” on the segment, then you’ll see the samples as a path (line), and be able to better tell which samples should be part of the car trip and which not.

From there, tap Split Segment, and change the samples at the end of the segment to be car (the samples that look like they’re travelling in a line away from the stationary period).

That will leave you with a smaller segment of stationary samples, that it will be easier to assign to a place.

Though Arc might still refuse to assign those samples to the previous place’s visit, if they fall too far outside the visit’s radius. This can happen when there’s things like a car park adjacent to the building. Arc will see those samples recorded at the car park as being too far outside of the visit / the visit’s “centre of gravity”.

In those cases it’s easiest to assign those “car park” samples to a different place. For example at my home I get samples like that every day at the bicycle parking area outside my condo. So I’ve created a new private place called “Bike Parking”, and I assign those samples to that place, when the inconsistency annoys me (which is every day, because I’m obsessed with accuracy :joy:).



I also do the same at the other end of my daily cycle to the gym, with short visits to the parking before and after gym.



Hope that helps!

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This problem is still bugging me and your solution to just add another location is not satisfactory.
I cycle to work every day and just today ARC added 15 minutes of Stationary time to Cycling that lasted 13 minutes. I tried to manually set the location, but ARC just took it back.
Setting those 15 minutes to a “Parking” location or whatever is just wrong, because I was in my apartment building before taking the bike out.
And I have a bunch of other examples just like this. I don’t want to just add another location to existing locations just so that ARC will not add Stationary time to the trip.
You either set a manual override when I take Stationary time from trip to location or give me a tool to tweak location radius so that ARC will behave as I need it to.

There is just too much automation in ARC and I don’t like automation screwing up the data that I painstakingly manually edited.
It’s rude and disrespectful to make software that overwrites data that was manually entered by users. It took me a lot of time to manually edit and confirm locations and trips for past several months.
Now when I look at the calendar the days that I finished editing and was happy with results are again marked Grey with ML automation having more unconfirmed items to confirm. I NEVER just Confirm, I verify every suggestion, because all confirmations are Final and there is no UNDO.
UNDO could very simply be done with one day “Snapshot”. ARC is based on database with tables. Taking a snapshot (begin transaction) would copy current edited day of data to another set of tables. If editing goes wrong, user can “rollback” to a state before a snapshot. All editing after taking a snapshot is lost, but there is a possibility to edit again the stuff which can not be fixed after Confirm. To make it even simpler, Today can be excluded from Snapshot so that only yesterday’s data is edited that way.
How hard can that be?

There is also the problem with merging of duplicate locations. My most used locations have several duplicates that I renamed with numbers so that I manually change to the one that I want if ARC selects the wrong one. Maybe I got those duplicates when importing Moves data, but I can’t get rid of them because there is just too much work to go back and manually edit everything.
I’ve been waiting for several years for tools to merge locations and edit data when iPhone was “sleep walking”.
If you ever programmed an ERP or Financial software you would know that overriding user edits after they were confirmed is unacceptable.

@Jani, you’re welcome to not use the app.

Much harder than you imagine. No database snapshots would not make undo possible in Arc. Please don’t try to tell me how to do my job.

There are some ways I could improve this in the app. If you are willing to step back, calm down, and approach me more constructively, I’m willing to discuss them.

I can be very constructive.
What can you offer me to fix my problems?

How about the most problematic: ARC insisting on adding Stationary time to Trip.

Can’t understand why you such angry with a developer like that. There’re many “similar” apps in Appstore, try them initially.

Actually there aren’t that many apps for tracking 24/7 in the background. Since the Moves App was canceled, I’m searching for a replacement. ARC seems like a good candidate, but it’s too power hungry with its machine learning engine and gets killed by iOS often. So what’s the point of tracking if its too fancy and gets killed and gives Data Gaps?
Also Machine learning engine keeps messing around all the history, even days that I have previously checked and confirmed.
I have posted problems and ideas, but none of them were accepted and frustration with lost and bad data adds up… (I’m in a data processing business and I know how much work there is to keep the data clean)
On upgrade to version 3 I lost all favourite date marks in calendar.
ARC has a lot of statistics but I know that is just eye-candy, because underlaying data is bad and tools for editing are inadequate. Garbage In - Garbage out.

Let me ask you how do you use ARC. Do you check every trip and Stay or you use the “Unconfirmed items” Wizard and tap the green Thumbs Up?

It sounds like you have quite a list of complaints. I suggest you start a new separate discussion for each, rather than cramming them all into this one thread.

Though for data gaps I recommend you first read existing discussions for answers, as data gaps haven’t been a problem for a long time. And excessive energy use / battery consumption also hasn’t been an issue for several years.

I’m going to lock this thread now, because I don’t earn enough to feel compelled to respond to this level of combativeness. If you want to ask again about the initial issue (or any others) with a new thread, I’ll be happy to leave this one forgotten and start afresh.