Incompatible with iOS 14.5?

Hello—I updated to iOS 14.5 about 36 hours ago, and since then, no locations have shown up in Arc despite me driving to different locations both yesterday and today. Is this a known issue? Thanks

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Hi @SPS!

The app definitely works on iOS 14.5! It’s likely that your phone has just temporarily glitched out, and needs to be restarted.

It’s rare, but it can happen that iOS’s Location Services stuck for either a single app or all apps, and the only way around it is to restart the phone. It sounds like your phone is suffering from a case of that. In my experience that weirdness is more likely to happen after doing an iOS update too.

Let me know how you get on!

My advise: after an iOS update manually restart your iPhone. This prevent most problems after an update like high battery drain or GPS problems.

I am having the same problem, no tracking for 4 days now. After iPhone restart, the Arc App seems to want to track my activity but then just stops

@Vickyjc Unfortunately there’s nothing else I can advise other than just restarting your phone again, and hoping the phone settles down after a second attempt :disappointed:

There’s no iOS 14.5 specific crashes or terminations showing up in any logs, so issues will be specific to the phone and not related to Arc itself. Arc just happens to be the app that’s suffering for whatever problem is going on - a victim of, rather than source of the problem.

On my own phone at the moment I’m getting repeated Arc terminations throughout the day, but it’s being caused by the phone itself freaking out (likely something going wrong with iCloud / iCloud Drive) and repeatedly forcing all apps out of memory. Most other apps don’t mind, because it’s not necessary for them to stay alive, but Arc suffers, because it needs to stay alive for recording to continue.

I doubt the problem I’m personally experiencing is related to what other people are experiencing though. I can fairly confidently source my iCloud / iCloud Drive syncing issues to a bunch of testing I’d been doing with backups, that have involved copying then deleting large folders repeatedly. That’s greatly upset iCloud, and caused all my devices (laptop and iPad included) to freak out and start acting weirdly. Other people are unlikely to have caused a similar situation to mine, so it’ll be some other cause.

But yeah, whatever it is, there’s so far no indication that it’s related to iOS 14.5, nor that it’s widespread. It’s likely just the usual frustrating old situation of iOS sometimes getting upset for one reason or another, and wreaking havoc with apps that need to stay alive. And when that happens, restarting the phone is the only thing you can do.

Thanks—restarting my phone fixed the problem.

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