Arc not recording

Lately Arc just stops recording for no reason (as far as I can tell). I have an iPhone 12, ios and Arc latest versions. I am already in the habit of constantly waking Arc up as I leave the house only to find, when I get home that Arc hasn’t recorded anything. What could be the problem?

Try to restart your phone, and are you running Arc mini alongside Arc v3 yet? It’s a separate app that picks up recording when the main app fails to do so. This helps reduce data gaps massively.


It’s iOS terminating Arc. It can do that to any app that isn’t on screen at any time. One of the quirks of iOS.

The more you interact with an app the less iOS is likely to terminate it. But there is no way to stop it completely.

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Yes, but when that happens Arc gives (the well know) warning about IOS stopping ARC. That is not the case here…it simply doesn’t record sometimes

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I pretty sure I don’t always get a warning. Especially when I am doing something schedule wise that is different to “normal” ie away from home and my usual routine.

Arc mini also got terminated a couple of times when I was away traveling in my camper. But it backs up Arc well most of the time. Is mini getting terminated or not recording too?

Mini is not recording too, same gaps as Arc
Rebooting my phone regularly, helps only sometimes.

Thanks to the great advice from others above! Agree with all.

Though if both Arc v3 and Arc Mini are getting terminated frequently, something wrong is going on with iOS.

To eliminate the basics, just to be sure:

  1. Make sure you’re not swiping the apps closed. That’ll definitely terminate them!
  2. Make sure both apps have “always” background location permission, as well as “Background App Refresh” permission
  3. Have a look in the phone’s Settings → Battery → Last 10 Days, to see if any other apps are standing out as using suspiciously high battery. Perhaps something else is upsetting the phone, causing iOS to be overly aggressive with terminating apps.
  4. See if you can spot any patterns as to when iOS is terminating the apps. Maybe there’s something going on at those times that’s upsetting iOS. Common culprits are memory hungry apps such as the Camera app, or graphically intensive games, or video/photo editing apps.

Other than that… yeah, have to go into detective mode and see if you can spot any patterns about when it’s happening and what else is happening at those times.

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This is something I’ve noticed myself sometimes, when things go wrong with mystery iOS terminations. Arc always has that “dead man’s switch” warning notification scheduled, for some minutes/hours in the future, so it shouldn’t be possible for it not to appear. But sometimes it mysteriously never shows up. My presumption is that’s some decision being made by iOS, to not deliver it. But as to why… that’s unknown.

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Oh, there is one other possibility, which is the one that can require restarting the phone: Sometimes iOS just gives up on delivering location data to an app (while it might still be providing location data to other apps at the same time).

This one appears to be an iOS bug, and Arc already does one trick to work around it. If Arc notices that there’s been no location data in the past minute or so, it’ll start a fresh LocationManager and discard the old one, to trigger a fresh Location Services session.

But there’s been some rare cases on some people’s phones where even that trick doesn’t get around the problem. Unfortunately it’s a mystery as to what causes it, but the good news is it usually stops happening on its own (or at least, I’m not aware of anyone yet identifying what they changed to fix the problem - it just stops being a problem).

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