Freezing/Super slow on iOS 15 Dev Beta 6

Very slow to the point of not being usable and random crashes. I’ll try again after updating to dev beta 7 tonight.

That’s likely not related to the iOS betas. I’m using the betas on my main phone, and they’re having no impact on Arc’s performance or stability. It’s likely an unrelated rare phone or data glitch.

Oh, one more thing I should add: After doing an iOS update, restart your phone.

It’s becoming increasingly common that iPhones act weirdly and unreliably after iOS update until the phone is restarted. So it’s almost to the point now where I’m going to start using this advice as standard - if you’ve done an iOS update and the phone hasn’t been restarted since then, do the restart.

Made an account just to comment on this. I noticed this weeks ago but was not on beta, just normal iOS 15. Now I’m on 15.2 and things are still the same. I haven’t been able to use Arc for weeks. Took a screen recording today showing it taking over TEN MINUTES to process 1 day and 3-4 locations of data. I can’t go through each day and tag things or correct things if this is how slow the app continues to run. Happy to send the video to developer, I really don’t know what type of logs or information would be useful. I never had this problem last year on iOS 14.

Hi @fivetwoseven!

First thing to check is whether the phone is plugged in to power at the time. If it is plugged in, Arc may be doing the backups in the foreground, trying to catch up due to iOS not allowing the backups to complete in the background.

If the backups are running, that will put pressure on the database and cause other processing tasks to slow down or temporarily freeze.

Thanks for the reply Matt. I never plug my phone in actually, I just put it on the wireless charger when I’m done at the end of the night. So if I’m using my phone and it’s in my hand, it’s not plugged in. I tried Arc mini but it’s just not the same, though it responds a little better and doesn’t freeze as much.

I just don’t use Arc anymore at this point, I hope it’s recording but I can’t spend 10min every time I want to edit one day’s worth of locations. Maybe a future update will get it working on iOS 15.

Sorry to hear that @fivetwoseven!

To be clear, this isn’t an iOS 15 problem. On average, iOS 15 hasn’t worsened or improved performance for Arc. Differences are usually specific to individual devices, daily patterns and routines, etc. So finding the cause means doing detective work to determine why the app is responding slower than usual.