I'm a subscribed user (a Backer), but I cannot view my data older than 60-days after I did deletion and re-installation of ArcApp

I cannot view my data older than 60-days after I did deletion and re-installation of ArcApp, although I’m a subscribed user (a Backer).

How can I tell ArcApp that I’m already a Backer?

FYI, when I touch dates older than 60-days on Calendar (… → Calendar),
→ ‘Restricted Access’ popup window opens
→ Click ‘View Backer Options’
→ ‘Arc can’t survive without your help!’
→ Click ‘Continue’
→ ‘Six monthly Arc App Backer’
→ \3,200 yen auto renewing is checked (as I’ve been a subscribed user)
→ Click ‘Continue’
→ ‘You’re currently subscribed to this. Your subscription to Arc App Backer - 6 Monthly renews on Oct 22, 2021 for \2,800. To review subscription options or cancel this subscription, tap Manage.
Manage / OK’
→ Click ‘Manage’
→ App Store.app window opens
→ ‘Edit Subscription
Arc App - Location & activity
Arc App Backer - 6 Monthly
Arc App Backer - Monthly (1 Month) \650
Arc App Backer - 6 Monthly (6 Months) \2,800 (checked)
Arc App Backer - Yearly (1 Year) \5,000

The trick here is to tap the “Restore” button on the Backer view. That will request your subscription/purchase information from the App Store, to fill back in the missing knowledge of your status.

Let me know if that doesn’t work! It can’t be done automatically by apps, because the request usually requires a password / FaceID / TouchID. So it has to be a manual button press to get it done. But it usually works reliably.

Thank you, fixed!

Can this window be scrolled downwardly?! I didn’t imagine that… :rofl:

I wonder control of this type of transition of windows might not be controlled well as expected, at least for the combination of iPhone X - iOS14 updated from iOS12 (see attached screenshots below).

The windows appearing from the bottom do not reach to the top (there are black spaces left):

Oh, the window of “Arc can’t survive without your help!” can be scrolled downwardly!!:

By the actions of SETTINGS → Project Backer Options, slightly more parts down to choices of duration appear (but still parts of price and parts of Options and Restore do not appear):

FYI, other windows occupy top to bottom as usual:

Ah true, I probably should change those modals to use more of the screen on first appear. Good point! Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have fallen for the same problem several times. Arc just forgets my subscription and then I have to hunt down where the “Restore subscription” button is.
Still a problem a few weeks ago.