GPX backup holes

I’m trying to salvage the situation here with the backups.
Assuming the worst at this point, I went to check if at least I can do something with my gpx exports.

I have about 10 years and a half of data. It should be some 3800 days.
I have only 2015 gpx files.
A quick check confirms that yes, I’m absolutely missing 1700 gpx files.
Is there any way to force Arc to actually do the exports it says it should be doing?

same goes for the jsons, by the way.

Manual exports.

The auto exports are constrained by iOS’s moods in terms of when/if it runs scheduled background tasks, and whether or not to allow the task to run to completion each time.

The auto export tasks are the most energy expensive of all the scheduled background tasks, due to having to load and write either entire weeks or entire months of samples+items+places. (In contrast, the iCloud Drive backups at worst need to write a full week of samples, but without inclusion of dependent item and place objects, so they’re much more energy and time efficient and make iOS less angry).

Typically what happens is iOS observes the auto exports task taking too long / using too much energy, and starts expiring it before completion, and also starting it less frequently or not at all. That ends up with the auto exports falling further and further behind.

So yeah, the short answer is doing manual exports for anything that’s missing, from timeline view’s export menu in the ellipsis menu.

Manual export for 1700 items?
Even if I were SUPER fast and I managed to do 3 a minute, that’s still 9 hours.

There’s no such thing.

iPhones are not general purpose computers like Macs or PCs. They have strict restrictions on energy, CPU, and memory use within timeframes. As such you can export days, weeks, months, or years (if you’re lucky and your device model is recent).

I’m not sure what you’re asking here. Even if you wanted to trigger a full redo of the auto exports, that would need to be done in carefully spaced chunks, over hours or days. Manual exports are going to be quicker, because you can presumably identify which chunks are missing and focus on doing only those.

I’ve had this app running in the background for 6 years. I think it had plenty of time to do the exports. If you have an option for “daily exports” you cannot stop doing the daily exports and whops, not tell anybody. I counted on that backup being there, if anything went wrong. Which it did.

You say the data is mine and it’s always ready to be exported.
It’s not true if it’s behind subscription and behind hours and hours of manual tapping.
I’m not asking for a full redo. There’s a list of days, and there are missing days. The missing days should be exported.

Just now I see from my recents on my mac that Arc is exporting GPXs, just… not the missing days. It re-exported days that I have, and completely ignoring the fact that there are unexported days.

Ok, I think we’re done here. It’s time for you to cancel your subscription, take your data, and move on.

Your remaining month or year of subscription should provide enough time to ensure you’ve managed to export your data in whatever form available. And as I understand it you already have the SQLite files. As I understand it, you also already have all of your data in the iCloud Backups.

I work as best I can to help users, and to build the best product I can. I do my best to be as helpful and friendly as I can be on this forum, but I cannot tolerate unrelenting negativity and attacks. I get that you’re upset - I would be too, given a significant potential loss of personal data. But directing that anger at me every other day is not helping either of us, and I have to draw the line.

I hope that you find a competing product out there that makes you happy and suits your needs. But I cannot continue to assist you here under this cloud of constant attack.

Goodbye, and good luck.