Auto-export task not doing the work

I’ve got the Monthly export of gpx setting turned on and never close that setting. But I just found out it didn’t export since 2023 Oct. that’s almost 10 month. And there is no signal, no alert, not a place to show me that it might be some wrong.
So if any auto-export not work, we don’t know? and seems it never get back to work again…?

Yeah, the monthly auto exports are just too much background task time these days, so most of the time now iOS “expires” the scheduled tasks before they ever finish.

I’m going to replace the monthly auto exports with weekly auto exports, because those should more reliably finish before iOS gets angry. In the meantime I recommend switching to the daily auto exports and turning off the monthly ones.

not just that, all stuff are overdue almost 10 month as mini said

Yeah, the monthly auto exports task will be taking up all of Arc’s allowed background processing time. Which means the other scheduled tasks don’t get enough time to finish either.

Once you turn off monthly auto exports, the other tasks should start catching up.

I’ve turned off the auto-export monthly gpx, all tasks seems still not able to process, althought it cleared to say scheduled, but seems all queues, pending backups are still the same amount for one day.

It’ll probably take a day or two (or more) for iOS to adjust. It keeps various “scores” for each app, based on energy use over time, and uses those (amongst other things) to decide how much background processing time to allow each app.

It also keeps scores like that for each different background task. So for example if one task is taking too long each day and never finishing, it might start running that task less often, or terminating it earlier. But one task performing badly can also hurt the app’s overall scores, leading to the other tasks suffering.

Anyway, short version: It should self correct over a few days, and the other tasks should start eventually catching up.

what you said ia just random stuff cause it’s been a week, 7 days and nothing changed.

If there is no manual way to do something here, it might never goes through cause you said it is automatically which means there can be bug and atuck all time

What I said is not random. Something has changed. What you need now is patience.

It will not be stuck forever. iOS will already be adjusting its scores for the app, and allowing more background processing time. Also, because the monthly auto exports task isn’t taking up time anymore, there will already be more time spare for other tasks.

The “overdue by” duration is based on the last time the task finished, not the last time the task started. Each task is most likely started at least once a day, even when iOS is in a bad mood / has given the app a bad score. The difference will be in how long it allows each task to run before it “expires” it. If the task is “expired” before it gets to finish, then it will still be listed as “overdue”.

I recommend not worrying about it, and just ignoring it for a week. When you come back and check later, you will see that several of them have caught up and are no longer listed as overdue.