Arc super slow on iOS 16

I experience a super slow reaction time under iOS 16 (and now 16.02) and can’t figure out what should cause this. It literally takes minutes now to open, switch days or edit.

Anyone else who experience this? Is this something known? What can be done?

PS: Arc mini is not affected and reacts instantly.

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Hi @caladanian!

The problem you describe is fixed with today’s Arc 3.6.0 update! You can install the update on the App Store today.

Aside: The update is on a 7 day phased release schedule, so won’t be auto updated for everyone immediately. But everyone can see the update in the App Store app, and install it by tapping the update button in there.

A little background on what the problem is: iOS 16 has a bug that makes fetching photo information extremely slow. Like, previously when Arc asked for lists of photos within each timeline item’s date range it should take only milliseconds to complete, but now that request takes sometimes more than a minute!

I submitted the bug report to Apple before iOS 16 went final, but so far no response. Arc 3.6.0 has a workaround, which loads the photo lists in the background then updates the timeline view later, which stops the app from freezing.

I’ve been trying to get Arc 3.6.0 live on the App Store for the past week, but been getting the run around by the App Store Review team. (Silly stuff like having to change the text on onboarding button. Sigh) But today they approved it, so the solution is live. Yay!


Thank you for solving this. :smiley: