Extract brief visits

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Extract brief visits

List with brief visits shows and after pushing the + it’s expanding with more point but after a second or so the list shortens to a couple points again. It’s hard to click the point I need i am to slow at clicking;)

Is this quick closing the extra points wanted behavior or do I use the function wrong.

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I have noticed this issue as well. Adding extra brief visit options to select from becomes unusable because the new brief visit choices disappear almost instantly after I release the + button.

Hmm. That’s weird! I haven’t seen the same myself. I’ll try see if I can reproduce the problem here now…

Hmm, nope, can’t reproduce it. But I think I just thought of a possible cause. Is it happening when you’re trying to extract brief visits from the current item? Like, if you’re currently travelling between places so the current item is “car” or “train” or some such, and you’re trying to extract visits from that item?

If that’s the case, I suspect what might be happening is the current item (ie the one you’re trying to work with) is getting updated with new data, which is then causing the UI view to rebuild due to the data changing, which then resets it to the initial state.

Hmm, though that rebuild shouldn’t change the state of the + / - buttons. The underlying value from those buttons should persist. Weird. I’ll investigate a bit more.

But yeah, if I’m right, the current workaround will be to just wait until you’ve finished travelling, and do the editing after that. In the meantime, I’ll see if I can figure out what’s going on and fix it at my end then get an update out.

Hello Matt, I tried to use it also with yesterday trips or the day before yesterday, but then the brief visits points are shown more than one second and disappear.

Super weird. I can’t reproduce it here at all, with any trip items recent or past.

I wonder… what iOS version is your phone on?

iOS 17.2.1
iPhone 14 Pro Max

You are right ARC is doing something with the data in the background.

If I go back to for example 12 January and select a trip and go to edit segments, it is automatically extending and extracting the list of segments, it jumps. It is still doing something in the background.

Yeah, sounds like the processing engine is still editing/updating the timeline item. Which it ideally shouldn’t be with old data (other than perhaps briefly on first appear).

Though that in itself shouldn’t be the problem. The actual bug here is that tapping + / - doesn’t stick, instead getting reset when the item updates and causes a view rebuild. Although I still can’t reproduce that behaviour here at all, no matter what I try. Odd.

Ok so my theory that it’s a SwiftUI bug in older iOS versions is disproven. I’m also on iOS 17.2.1.

I also can’t see anything suspicious in the code either. It’s all super normal and simple :thinking:

I’ve filed a todo for investigating further. Though I’ve already burnt through all my hunches, so I’m not sure what else to try! Hopefully it’ll happen to me soon, then I’ll be able to reproduce it in the debugger and find the sneaky cause.

I’ve also experienced this issue a lot, until it recently went away again. I’m pretty sure the processing engine was at fault, since even for past days it often kept being undecided between no unconfirmed items and random numbers of unconfirmed items. The count would update every second or so.

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Exactly what you describe, but I am still experiencing this.