Selectable range when exporting

One day I went out for a ride and used other means of transportation such as a car on the way there. When I export, I want to be able to export only the information from the ride. If not, there may be too much information and other privacy issues

Hi @Ray1ex!

On the details view for the ride item, tap the share button (square with arrow pointing up). From there you can export just that single trip as GPX or JSON.

I was hoping to remove the irrelevant segments when exporting as images

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Oh, as image? Hmm, yeah, that’s much more tricky! Unfortunately no way to do that yet…

I think for now the best option would be to export the day as GPX, then remove the parts of the file you don’t want seen, then import that into a website or app that plots GPX files on maps. A bit fiddly!

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Possible workaround for @Ray1ex:

  • Go to ACTIVITY
  • choose date & preferred activity (e.g. Ride)
  • scroll down to Map Overview and
  • take screenshot.

@matt: Arc supporting landscape view (while displaying maps) would be nice. :slight_smile: Or deactivating autorotation of map labeling (if possible in mapbox data) would also do.

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