Can we get a more complete "confirm" option

The “unconfirmed” place isn’t very accurate. Often there are left behind unconfirmed locations, especially in past dates which aren’t often accessed.

It results in annoying data type issues such as this trip i took to texas where I used a car, but some segments were as “walking” (visualized in derive). This specific trip was marked as “likely car” but individual segments within it are categorized as walking, which breaks attempts to visualize by type

and it isn’t flagged as “unconfirmed” on the calendar until I revisit that day

Hmm. I suspect this is partly a problem of the way Arc exports to GPX.

I think currently when you export a path item to GPX it will create individual “track segments” in the GPX file for each different segment within Arc, eg walking → car → walking → car → etc. When in many cases you instead want a GPX export that groups all of the samples into a single “car” track segment, even if the underlying segments in Arc are mixed.

I’ve been thinking of adding this as an extra option when doing manual exports, like a modal that pops up asking you which style of track segment grouping you want the file to use.

I think also this could be improved by having GPX export on the Activities tab as well. (That’s also high on my todos! Although… “high on the todos” is not as comforting as it should be, given there’s only one of me and too many tasks falling into that category :persevere:)

But yeah, if there were an option to export to GPX from the Activities tab, then you could for example tap through to the Car activity for the chosen time period, and export all of that in a single GPX file, with all track segments set to “car” instead of the above described mixture.