Difference between daily export in iCloud vs app

I drove 800+ kms in one day, and Arc tracked me faithfully through the day. I have confirmed all places via the app 2 days ago, with the travel itself happening 3 days ago.

I went into iCloud and downloaded the json.gz file, then extracted to JSON, and uploaded to Arc Viewer Arc Viewer where it shows only the first 1.5km being tracked for the day.

I’m confused why the app is showing all the detail but the exported JSON is not.

Hmm. That’s weird. It should be all there. I wonder if the daily export updated at some point part way through the day, then didn’t update again after the end of the day. It’ll definitely be worth checking the file again, to see if it’s now complete.

Just checking the code, daily and monthly auto exports are set to only run every 12 hours at most, so if it’s been 12+ hours since you last checked, then the file could be / should be different by now.

Hi @matt,

I have just rechecked in iCloud. The latest version of the daily file for 18 June 2023 was last saved 22 June 2023 4:50pm. It’s now 22 June 2023 6:15pm.

I downloaded it again and checked in ArcViewer again, and it’s the same problem.

At the bottom of ArcViewer, it says there are only 130 samples for 18 June 2023.

In comparison, there are 2,220 for the file I downloaded for 19 June 2023.

This is the entirety of the data when viewed in ArcViewer

Well that’s weird. I’m not sure how that would’ve happened. If the file has a modification date after the end of the day, but doesn’t contain all the data from that day… yeah, that ain’t right. I’ll make a note to look over the code and see if I can spot any possible cause.

In the meantime, you could work around it by manually exporting the day’s data from the daily timeline view. Tap the […] ellipsis button, then Export, then Export timeline as JSON. That will be the same format as the daily export files.

Actually, if that file is also missing data, then it will suggest that it’s not a problem with the auto export file not being updated, but instead with the exporting itself. Hmm. Let me know how you get on!

Thanks for the advice. I have just followed your instructions and exported from the daily view in the app, then uploaded to ArcViewer and it has the same issue with same 130 samples.

So the problem is with the exporting. :thinking:

Oh wow, that’s weird. Although that’s actually kind of a good thing, because that’s much easier to debug! There’s a much higher chance of finding the cause and getting it fixed :smile:

I’ve put it in the todos, so hopefully will get a chance to look into it for the next release. Though I’m hoping to get the next release finalised shortly, so it might slip to the one after.

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Thanks @matt - glad to find an easier weird problem. :grimacing::thinking::grinning: Let me know if you need anything to help you with the exploration when you get to it.


Closing this loop to confirm that the export of 18 June 2023 eventually resolved itself to be the full day not just 130 samples

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Glad to hear! Sadly I never did figure out why it might happen :persevere: So hopefully it was just a very rare thing.