Manual GPX export not working

There seems to be a problem with the manual GPX export for a day. The file is not created, and some apps show that the file size is 0 KB (and fail to create it).

Hi @Tumix!

I just tried exporting today’s timeline to GPX on my phone, and it worked. So I’m guessing there’ll be a problem with some specific days (or rather the data within those days).

For one of the days having the problem, could you try exporting to JSON, and emailing me that JSON to Thanks!

Not work too here. only share to eamil shows file, other app all got no file

Export fails from every day. Even the days I have exported succesfully before. It fails if I try to export to Files or Documents App for example. I tried to export to email, and it worked. I’ll send you gpx file

And forgot to say that the export fails also for the json file. And this also works when exporting to email

This is the same thing that seems to be reported here in April. And it has been this way maybe about a month.

Oh weird. I’ll try a few other export destinations. For my test I did AirDrop to my laptop, just because that was the most convenient.

Ok, “Save to Files” fails. That’s super weird. The type of destination isn’t something that Arc knows about - it’s all abstracted away, and Arc just provides the file. So it feels like an iOS bug. Not that that’s any help.

I’ll do a bit more testing. Maybe it’s reporting an error to debug console or something.

This bug was previously reported here:

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Heh. Yep! And I totally forgot. But when I went to add it [again] to the todos, I found it was already there :grimacing:

I really need to get through the backlog. Too many things slipping through the cracks.