Current Location Dot on Historical Pages

Hi matt,

Arc is not only a location recording tool but also a route guider for me. It helps following a historical route to my destination.
However, the current location dot only shows on the ‘today’ page, is it possible to show on historical daily/monthly/yearly page?

Thanks a lot for your effort

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Interesting idea! I hadn’t thought of it that way before.

Typically what I do if I want to get back to a previous place is I tap into the details view for that visit, then tap “Directions”, and get Google or Apple Maps to give me directions to it. But doing that doesn’t ensure I’ll get the same route as I took previously, where as your approach would allow you follow that historic route.

Hmm. I’ll have a think. There was a good reason for not showing the current location dot on not-today timeline views, but I can’t remember the exact reason right now. And maybe that reason isn’t relevant anymore…