Can't find import red button at timeline view

Hi matt,

I updated v3.6.0/3.6.1, but I can’t find the import red button in the timeline view, my phone is iPhone 11 with iOS16.0, what happened to my Arc?

One more Question, the new update version’s blue location dot doesn’t show when I keep stationary, only shows on the map when I move.

Ok, first thing to check is make sure Arc definitely has Health permissions, in your phone’s Settings → Privacy → Health. Arc needs at least “Workouts” and “Workout Routes” to be able to import.

Second thing is … just to wait a minute. Arc checks to see if there’s workouts at most once every 5 minutes. So if the workout is new, Arc should see it within 5 minutes.

Yep! That’s Arc’s “sleep mode”. When your stationary Arc’s recording engine goes to sleep, to conserve battery. While in sleep mode it does brief wakeup checks every 12-60 seconds, to see if you’ve moved. Then if you really are moving again, Arc will go into full recording mode, and you’ll see the current location dot on the map.