Arc's map api for China

Hi matt,

Firstly, many thanks for your effort for my last request Current Location Dot, now I can easily follow my field route years ago, that’s really cool!

Recently I found the new app Arc Mini use gaode map’s API in China, instead of mapbox for Arc App. For some political reasons, it’s very awkward that all Chinese map servicers have to shift their whole map coordinate, therefore, the correct location will show on an incorrect Chinese map. Mapbox hasn’t such kind of problem, comparatively. Last time you teach me to use the ‘direction’ function also can’t work well, because Arc app gives google/apple map right coordinate, but the two maps also been shifted (yes, in order to ‘correctly’ work, the two USA famous companies follow China government’s demanding).

I don’t want to talk about any political things, I just beg your pardon that using mapbox’s API for all your app in the future. Mapbox is good enough for poor Chinese users.

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Oh yeah, I meant to go back to your thread and let you know! I couldn’t remember the reason why I disabled the dot for not-today, so I guess it wasn’t a good reason :joy:

For the maps, interesting to hear that Mapbox has less of a problem than Apple Maps! I’d assumed it’d be the other way around (ie Apple having more political status in China than Mapbox), but I guess Apple are the far bigger company, so they have to follow the rules exactly, while Mapbox can stay more obscure and nimble.

My plans for the various map services so far have been to continue using Mapbox in the main Arc apps (the current Arc App, and the upcoming Arc Stories app), because Mapbox allows for complete colour/style customisation. But will use Apple Maps in the open source Arc Mini, because it creates less of a barrier for consumers of the open source project (Apple Maps API doesn’t require user accounts, API keys, etc, while Mapbox does).