Complete export in GPX?

Hello folks,

Is it possible to export the complete location history?

I am able to export the current year, from the timeline, but going back to 2021 doesn’t work even though I definitely have history then.

Hi @dmitrym!

An entire year will be an extremely large GPX file. Likely too large to export within iOS’s memory limits. Your best bet is to expert month by month.

You can automate this by going into the Settings tab → Backup, Import & Export, and turning on Automatic monthly exports.

I don’t recommend leaving that setting turned on indefinitely - only long enough to get the desired single export completed. Updating the monthly files every day, in the scheduled background tasks, will take up most of Arc’s allotted background processing time each day, and make it difficult for other necessary background tasks to be completed. But it is a useful way to get a full export of monthly files done just once, then turn the setting off again.

Thank worked! Thank you very much @Matt!

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