Arc always opens to settings


ever since the latest update Arc immediately opens the settings after launching every time (on cold starts) instead of the timeline as before. I’m assuming this isn’t intended behavior? At least I don’t understand why it would be :sweat_smile:

Is there anything I can do to change this?

Ah, I think I might’ve just solved it? The button label at the bottom read “Restart Recording”, although Arc was recording just fine. I tapped it and then chose to not stop the recording in the action sheet. Now it shows “Turn off recording”. The app definitely was recording the entire time, I’ve had this behavior for several days now, but maybe it got into a weird state where it thought it wasn’t recording?

Force quitting and restarting the app now doesn’t take me into the settings anymore it seems.

Yep, that’s it. If recording is turned off it’ll launch straight into the Settings tab, so that you can see recording is off, and turn it back on if you want.

Have you recently installed Arc Recorder? I think there’s a weird UI bug / interaction in Arc Recorder, where swiping the app up to get to the app switcher or Home Screen sometimes accidentally taps the “Stop recording” button. At least, that’s what I think is happening - I’ve occasionally opened Arc Recorder and noticed that recording has been turned off, even though I definitely didn’t turn it off. So my hunch is that that swipe up to get to Home Screen / app switcher is triggering a false button tap, due to where the “Stop recording” button is positioned on the screen.

Heh. This is a different bug, and one I should have found and fixed a long time ago! When recording is off, and there’s more than one recorder app installed (eg you’ve got Arc Timeline and Arc Mini or Arc Recorder), when recording is turned off they can sometimes somehow continue or restart recording. I’m not sure how!

My hunch is that iOS relaunches the app in the background, perhaps to do some scheduled background task, and … well, even then it shouldn’t start recording again if recording is off. So my hunch isn’t very convincing. But yeah, somehow some weird situation happens where recording continues/restarts even when it’s turned off. And I’m pretty sure it has something to do with there being more than one recorder app installed (though I can’t remember now why I came to that conclusion - this bug has been plaguing me for probably more than a year :grimacing:)

Welcome to my life - long lists of weird mystery bugs, that make no sense and are hard to find :joy: Though it is super rewarding when I finally stumble onto the cause of one of them, usually when working on something else. “Omg! That bug! I finally found it! :tada:” Hopefully for these two weird bugs that’ll happen sooner than later.

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Haha, as a fellow (iOS and web) developer, I can totally relate :sweat_smile:

To answer the other question: Yeah, I totally did install Arc Recorder the other day. But I do admit I uninstalled it again because for the time being I didn’t want to live with the location services stuck in my dynamic island and also rarely (if ever?) have issues with Arc Timeline not recording :grimacing: But it looks like that might’ve triggered AT to “stop” without actually stopping?

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Well that’s good luck!

I tend to go weeks or months with no problems, then mysteriously problems will start happening daily for a while, then just as mysteriously disappear again :man_shrugging:t2: iOS has its moods.

Yeah I suspect so. Presumably that false button tap when swiping the app up to go to Home Screen / app switcher. I should probably hide the start/stop button in a menu.