Arc Timeline Recorder

I notice that the Arc Timeline Recorder has gone live in the US App Store.

I now have three Arc apps on my phone.

I know I have to have Arc Timeline open (the main app) and I’m sure the new Arc Timeline Recorder needs to be open. What do I do with our old friend Arc Mini?

Thanks for a great product!

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Oh, you beat me to the announcement post! :joy: I started writing up an announcement yesterday, then had to jump to something else, so didn’t finish posting it.

I’m still trying to decide this one myself. Personally, I don’t really have a use for Mini anymore. I’ve never liked its UI - it’s always felt more clunky than Arc Timeline’s. And given that Arc Recorder is small and simple enough that iOS should be very unlikely to terminate it, I think just Arc Recorder and Arc Timeline should be enough, for protection from data gaps.

I’m going to keep Mini installed on my main phone, because I still have to test it, and keep updating it, because plenty of people do use it. But yeah, I don’t really see much point in keeping it around for most people now, unless they genuinely do like using its UI.

Arc Recorder is better suited as a fallback for data gap protection. And you would hope that running two apps is enough - three feels like overkill, for data gap protection.

Thanks! :heart:

I’ve also started in on Arc Timeline Editor - a ground up rebuild of Arc Timeline, built all in modern SwiftUI, so that I can get rid of lots of old crufty code and UI bugs. I’m hopeful that progress will go fast, because all of the new features I’ve added to Arc Timeline in the past year or so were already built in SwiftUI, so I should be able to just port those across almost unchanged, only leaving behind the older non-SwiftUI code.

Should Arc Recorder have recording mode toggled on when using it as a backup to Arc?

@shamam Yep! Recording on for both apps.

That “Start recording” / “Stop recording” button is actually tied to the same setting in both apps. So it you stop recording in one app, it’ll stop it in both apps, and ditto starting recording. Recording on/off is a shared setting between the two apps.

So you pretty much can’t stop one and leave the other going - stopping one will stop both.