Apple Watch workarounds

First off, is there any plan to incorporate Apple Watch support to Arc? I’d like to be able to leave my phone at home but let a watch still log my movement/locations.

If this is not in the cards, what are some workarounds people have used or recommend? My first thought is just manually starting a GPX track with any Watch app that supports it and then processing that and importing in into Arc. Any other possible solutions?


Definitely plans! And one feature already built, but not yet shipped.

The pending feature is importing of HealthKit Workout Routes, ie workouts recorded with location data, such as walking, running, cycling.

That import code is already working. To ship the feature I first need to deal with the problem of imported routes conflicting with existing data recorded on the phone. For example if you leave your phone at home then go out for a run, there’ll be recorded samples for the phone being at home.

For import of GPX, that’s also on the cards, but I haven’t started on that yet.

As to workarounds for now, unfortunately there aren’t any :disappointed: Nothing on Apple Watch can record to Arc’s currently supported import formats. So the above two features are fairly high priority!

Thanks @matt! fwiw, I don’t actually have an Apple Watch, but while looking into getting one, this is one thing I’d be sad about in leaving my phone behind. :laughing: I’m happy to hear of possible future solutions.

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