Request: Apple Watch App: for tracking without phone

The Apple Watch workout import feature is great, however, it’s currently the only way to track Apple Watch data into the app, which means that the Apple Watch can only be used as a location tracker when you are doing a workout.

I often leave my phone at home, and I’d like to track my location and have that data import into the app when I’m back home.

Currently my workaround is to use the GPS Tracks app, which allows me to record my location while I’m out and about, then export a GPX file to the Files app, which I can then import into Arc Timeline. However, it’s still quite a manual process.

Would be great if Arc Timeline had an Apple Watch app that did the same thing, so the export/import part of the process could be skipped.

Hi @arcuser!

The main reason I’ve held off on building an Apple Watch app is that it’d require manual starting and stopping of recording, so it wouldn’t be able to do much beyond what you can already achieve by recording a workout on the Watch.

But I’m guessing the GPX Tracks app on Watch supports recording that doesn’t save to a workout? I guess it would make sense to have an Arc Watch app like that for the cases where you’re not necessarily doing something worthy of a workout recording.

There’s a Changemap feature request for it, which could do with some more votes, to bring it more attention and bump it up the priorities! I’ll include it in the next features poll here on the forum too. Maybe there’s a chance there’ll be enough enthusiasm for it :smile:

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