Add confirmation to PopUp Menu


I have a suggestion on making a confirmation Wizard more visual:
You could add the data to be confirmed on the PopUp menu.

When there are items to confirm, there is a violet exclamation circle at the top of timeline with text saying: “XX unconfirmed items”
Tapping on it opens a confirmation wizard where you have to read what you are confirming with previous and next item in text. Graphic at the top doesn’t give “Prev:” and “Next:” any context.

Here is an idea to make PopUp menu Confirmations:
All items requiring confirmation could be marked with the same violet exclamation circle.
Holding on them for a PopUp would just show a category to confirm (Visit or Activity) at the top and “Edit visit” or “Edit trip” under it if I don’t agree with confirmation suggestion.
“Add a note” would become the third item on the menu.

How it works at the moment:
Now I can PopUp and Edit and Confirm (3 taps). On the timeline it is not really clear which items are unconfirmed.
If you mark unconfirmed items and put confirmation on PopUp, that will save me one tap for every item. Because I can see the timeline, the context is very visual, no need to think about time and “Prev:” and “Next:”

Is that viable?

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By popup do you mean the menu that appears when you long-press a timeline item? If so, definitely! It should be easy to add a “Confirm this item” (or some better wording) option to that menu. I’ll add it to the todos.

I think a lot of this is now covered in the latest 3.13.1 beta, right?

@Palmin Yep! Which reminds me, I should ship it today. I don’t think there were any dangling incomplete bits holding up submitting it.