Activity tab % change meaning

Hi, can you please explain the meaning of the % down or % up in the activity tab? What is it compared to? Yesterday? Average? Last month? I couldn’t find the logic in these numbers.

Hi @Adarop! Sure thing.

  • Yearly summaries are compared to previous year
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily summaries are compared to the current year
  • For incomplete periods, ie the current period (today, this week, this month, this year), the comparison is to same percent. For example if we’re half way through the month, then the monthly comparison is to 50% of the monthly average. Likewise if half way through current day, the comparison is to 50% of the daily average.

The weakness of this style of comparison is that it’s not very useful in the first day/week/month of each year, because it’s essentially comparing against itself (comparing to daily/weekly/monthly average of current year).

I’d probably prefer the comparison to be made to the preceding X number of days/weeks/months, so for example a day’s totals are compared to the average of the preceding 90 days, or some such. But for performance reasons I had to go for something that can be cached and calculated quickly, rather than something that needs to be updated on every view.

Thanks Matt
now it’s clear

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