Monthly and yearly views not updating

I just noticed if I go before 2019 the monthly and heart views don’t render even after leaving it on overnight. The weekly and daily views seem to work fine though

Just for an update

April 2019 is the last month with a monthly summary. It updates if i make changes to the April 2019 data.

Prior to April 2019 there is no monthly summary or yearly summary. Daily and weekly summaries work and also include the changes I made manually to the data

Activity and overview work I’m only having issues with the summary timeline view

Hi @Hutima! Apologies for the late reply. I’ve been off work sick for the past couple of weeks or so.

You should see the monthly/yearly map views fill out progressively over time, as Arc catches up with the backlog of “Simple Item” updates/builds that it needs to do for those views. How quickly that happens will depend on how much time iOS gives the app to get the job done each day. But it will continue to make progress!

Yes I see, it updated two more month since the last post. iOS seems to terminate it a lot at night, so it’s doing about a month every week, is there any chance you can add a button to force arc to do all the calculations in the foreground to speed it up?

I’m very strongly against exposing things like that in the UI. Things that need to get done should get done, and requiring user intervention is a failure of the system.

So I won’t expose a button of any sort. But it is likely that I will start running those tasks automatically while the app is in the foreground, as I have done in recent releases with the backups system. Because iOS’s background tasks system can’t be trusted to let things run to completion anymore.

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Hi @matt! Might I suggest adding an option to keep the device awake while charging to allow these tasks to run more expediently? Two reasons:

  1. I’ve noticed that Arc has restored 15% of my backup data after 25 days, so running it for a couple hours in the foreground might allow Arc to finish it’s restore and data processing quicker, and
  2. Perhaps this slow restoration task may be contributing to Arc being halted by iOS more often than we’d like?

A real-world example of such a setting is Adobe Lightroom for iOS — it has a toggle labeled Prevent From Sleep that allows it to process and sync media with Adobe Cloud (screenshot below).

Would something similar help the Arc app process its data quicker by keeping the app in the foreground?

Hi @awp!

Such an option would certainly make foreground backups and restores happen faster. But I’m very much against adding anything to an app’s UI that’s there to compensate for flaws or weaknesses in either the app or the operating system. If something isn’t working right, it should be fixed. Pushing that problem over to the user is always bad form.

At the moment I’m spending most of my time working on a new backup system for Arc, which backs up and restores many times faster than the current system. So once that’s ready to go, backups and restores will be significantly faster, and the problem should go away.

In the meantime, if you do want to get your restore moving faster, you can temporarily set your phone’s screen lock to Never in Settings -> Display & Brightness, then leave Arc in the foreground for a few hours while plugged into power and connected to reliable wifi. That will let Arc churn through a big chunk of it quickly.

Though it is possible to get screen burn in on modern iPhones (with OLED displays)! So leaving the screen unlocked for extended periods isn’t a great thing to do these days. (I’m not sure how many hours it would take to get some burn in, but I imagine it’s a lot of hours. So it’s only a small risk, but given how much these phones cost these days, it’s one I’d personally like to avoid!)

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If I leave the app open in the foreground will it process these views? Or is it only a background task

They’re updated in both foreground and background. Technically it’s submitted to iOS as an iOS 13 style “background task”, but iOS tends to run those tasks both in foreground and background, regardless of what Apple’s docs say on the matter.