Zoom on map is awkward

(At least) when flying over longer distance, zooming on maps is awkward and annoying, as it’s impossible to zoom in directly on the point, but you have to zoom/scale out first, to be able to zoom in.
Waste on time.
Please fix.
A couple of examples added from last flight from London over Greenland to Las Vegas.

On the last picture I can’t drag the map downward, so there seems to be a top margin that prevents this, which is not convenient.
Can’t the map be endless like a globe?

I’ve noticed this too. It appears to be a bug in the Mapbox SDK. Or at least, I’m not doing anything custom with map zooming that could conceivably cause the problem, and the problem only appeared when I updated Arc to use Mapbox’s completely rewritten new SDK a few months back.

I did have a look at it at the time, and couldn’t see any obvious reason why it would be happening. Hopefully something will turn up eventually (or maybe Mapbox will fix it at their end, if it is a bug in their SDK).

Yes, it is strange, while zooming out, the offset/origin in the north seems to move. When zoomed in so that the scale bar is at max 50 km, you can easily navigate to the northernmost part of Canada. When you then continue to zoom out, the map begins to move south and when the scale switches from 100 to 200 km, you can no longer see the northernmost point.

Yeah, it doesn’t feel like there’s anything logical to what it’s doing. I couldn’t make sense of it, so didn’t know where to start with debugging it.

I do have a hunch that it could be related to map view “insets”, which are a notoriously troublesome area of iOS coding in general. Like, Arc has to tell the map view what edge insets to use when zooming to the visible items when the timeline/content area of the app is visible, so that it the map doesn’t zoom the items such that they’re hidden underneath the timeline/content area.

But when in full screen map and doing manual zooming those insets are irrelevant and shouldn’t be able to interfere. So it’s not a very convincing hunch. But when I do have another attempt at fixing the problem, at least that’s where I’ll look first :man_shrugging:t2: