URL scheme to launch Arc

Does Arc (or Arc Mini) have a registered URL Scheme? I’d like to open Arc by clicking on a link (in a todo app for a daily checklist). If there was a URL scheme that could accept params to open to certain views or days in Arc, that would be useful.

I would like to use a direct link to open Arc, but if there isn’t a way, I’ll probably just create a one-step Shortcut that opens Arc and call that with the Shortcuts URL scheme.


P.S. Do you think you’d ever add Shortcuts support? Maybe to get data from a given day (as map image, timeline, JSON, etc.) or to query a day to see if there are unconfirmed items. I would make use of these in daily checklists and journaling.

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Hi @andyconlin!

Yep, Arc supports being opened with arcapp://

It doesn’t support any deep links or actions yet, though if I recall right I think some people have requested the ability to turn on/off recording either with URL or Shortcut or both.

Arc doesn’t support this yet, but it sounds a great idea!

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Thanks, @matt! I’ll use the arcapp:// right away and will look forward to the potential additions in the future. Controlling recording status would also be used by me.

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