Set the Calendar to begin on Sunday

It would be great if I could set the calendar view, within the Timeline section, to show each week starting on a Sunday, instead of on Monday.

I get a bit of a disconnect whenever trying to find a certain event here (like checking what I did do two Saturdays ago, which I expect to be on the last day of the week).

It’s possible I’m missing a setting somewhere.


If you want the week to start on a Sunday, there should be an option to chose the start day, as in the area I live in, the week starts on a Monday.

I did just look through the options, and didn’t see any way to update the calendar display.

Strangely, Arc Mini displays the calendar in the way I would expect.

This should be automatically matching your phone’s system settings (Settings → General → Language & Region - First Day of Week), but I just double checked and it’s not working for me either. Hmm.

The reason for this is Arc Mini is using iOS’s built in Calendar widget, while Arc App is using a third party calendar widget. The third party one is supposed to also read that system setting, but for some reason isn’t.

I’d like to update Arc App to use the built in calendar widget too, but unfortunately it lacks the extra functionality that Arc needs, notably being able to annotate days with different colours, which Arc uses to indicate “favourite” days (yellow) and days with items needing confirmation (grey).

I’ve added it to the todos to look into this and get I fixed!

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