Weird things happening with my first week back

Hello! I used arc years ago and am just starting to use it again (I think my old data might be the thing causing some of my weird problems)

1 - I can’t look at the first week of data in any weekly view - I started using the app in 1/15 but every time I try to go back before the week of 1/20 it hangs and then loads the week of 1/20 - day at does appear in the monthly view and daily views work

2 - yearly timeline view doesn’t work well - when I navigate to yearly view on my timeline it seems to show reasonable data on the map - but the header is always stuck in whatever view it was in before (either the week or month header) unless I navigate to the yearly timeline view from my daily timeline view

Hi @Quazie!

That’s weird. Never seen something like that before, so I’m not sure what to make of it yet. Is there anything significantly different about the data in any of the days in that week? Like any days with a very large number of timeline items perhaps?

Also weird! For me it’s the opposite - when I tap back through the years the header at the bottom updates almost immediately, but the map takes some seconds to update.

The yearly views are extremely CPU and memory intensive, so they can be laggy to load. Though I’ve never seen the header never update. That sounds different.

Just to make sure, you’re definitely on the latest version of Arc yeah? 3.15.3?

Nothing special with those days at all, and I’m absolutely on the latest - it’s why I think my very very old data is to blame - it doesn’t render (it was from before paid was even an option) but there were some indications (I can’t remember what) that it was parsing that data somehow when I first loaded the app that first week

Does that old data still show correctly on daily timeline view?

If so, I wonder if you’re getting tricked by a silly old bug. The date header for weekly timeline views actually shows the date of the last day of the week, instead of the first :grimacing:

It’s an easy bug to miss. I didn’t even realise until maybe a year after it happened! And I think no one else has ever even mentioned it. But yeah, the header is kinda wrong, or at least not at all what we expect it to say.

Video 1: Dropbox - Video Feb 03 2024, 11 03 08.mp4 - Simplify your life

1 - navigate to Jan 11in daily timeline
2 - click weekly, and get that week
3 - tap right and go to the next week
4 - tap left to go back to the week with Jan 11 in it - nothing happens

Video 2: Dropbox - Video Feb 03 2024, 11 04 40.mp4 - Simplify your life

This shows me navigating the various views within the timeline and seeing how things get caught up

I also added an image of the about page to prove I’m on the right version

Confusing! Yeah I’m really not sure what’s going on there.

When is your earliest data in your database? Like, if you open the calendar view, how far back does it go? Presumably that week in January isn’t your oldest data?

I wonder if what’s happening is the processing engine wants to do some work on some of the older data, which is making the UI laggy.

Although in the weekly view case it seems like the UI is blocking you from going back at all, which should only make sense if it thinks you don’t have any data older than that week. And your video clearly shows at least one day in the previous week.

Typically if processing is getting bogged down (or the phone is running slower due to heat) the headers on timeline view can get temporarily out of sync with the map and list, as different parts of the UI update independently, being delayed by other tasks taking up CPU time. But that wouldn’t explain the UI blocking you from tapping the back button.

Older data shouldn’t in theory cause any problems. It’s all designed to cope with varying degrees of data quality and data complexes, and to eventually self heal around it. Although that can bog down the processing engine and classifiers at times.

But that should only be temporary, with some seconds of chugging while the timeline view triggers the processing engine and things shuffle around until they fall into place. If it’s a consistent and repeating thing, then… something weird is going on.

Really not sure what to make of it yet. Odd.

None of the old data loads in the calendar at all - it was simply that when i loaded it for the first time it did some sort of parsing/conversion - i can’t seem to find any other data in the app at all - but i’m still getting all of these bugs - and (but i guess it’s maybe not just me) it seems like i will often have unconfirmed items, but when i click on them, it goes back to parsing metadata in some loop

Oh, so for your old data, prior to when you reinstalled the app recently, there’s no way to navigate to it or view it at all? Does it show up in monthly or yearly map views? Can you scroll back to it by swiping or tapping back on daily timeline views at all?

I can’t go back any further than the 11th at all, no - so maybe the old data is a red herring?

Yeah I think it might be. I just checked the code, and looks like I removed the migrator that upgraded from the old database format around mid last year. So unless you had the app running between maybe 2020 to mid 2023, and never deleted from the phone, your old data would’ve been lost.