Problem when typing Chinese Pinyin and Japanese Romaji when searching for places

When I tried to type in using these two input methods, I have to type several times because the first few letters always disappear. I guess it happens to all kanji input methods.


This has been seen in the private beta team testing too. But frustratingly, I can’t reproduce it!

I was living in Japan for the past three months, using the romaji keyboard every day, and never saw it happen. Then I managed to reproduce it once using the kana keyboard, but then couldn’t repeat it after that.

I’m guessing it’s a SwiftUI bug somehow, because that view was rebuilt in SwiftUI recently. And the code never modifies the search text, it only reads it. But hopefully there’ll be some workaround for it. I’ll have another attempt at it soon.

Oh, just working a hunch: Let me know if the problem still happens if you wait a few seconds after opening the view before entering text.

My current suspicion is that it’s due to some delayed event that happens just after view open, which causes the view to rebuild and the partially entered text to disappear. Although if that were the case you’d expect it to happen with all keyboards, not just the pinyin / romaji / kana ones.

I also experience the exact same phenomenon.
I am using a Japanese keyboard. It happens whether I type in kana or romaji.
I think there are two types of symptoms.

  • First keystroke after moving to the search screen: It is always lost, no matter how long I wait before type.
  • After that : The keystroke when the search result is updated is lost.
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Thanks for the info @ikuhiromorita!

I managed to reproduce it once with the kana keyboard, but never with romaji. But sounds like it’s much more consistent for others. But so far no obvious reason why. Hmm.