Moves Data Importer not started

I really love this App, so, of course, I purchase the subscription.
I have a question about Moves Data Importer. I put my file and my moves_export folder into the Arc app folder on my iCloud Drive. But the import process seems to begin automatically. ( I do not know whether running normally the import process or not, because any dialogs, alerts and so on are not appeared. )
Could you tell me what can I do in this situation? Thank you for your support.
Arc 3.4.2 on iOS 14.2.1

Hi @yass!

Make sure that you have put your file directly into the “Arc App” folder, not the “Import” folder. Arc will be looking for the zip file only in the “Arc App” Folder. (It will then unzip it and puts the appropriate files from inside the zip into the “Import” folder, but you don’t need to worry about that step).