Behavior of Moves Import

I have a very large Moves export folder (140MB 15,000+ files). It’s got everything from 5 year period 2013-2017. I have placed the unzipped folder in the root of the Arc folder.

After a few days, I see data for one random week in 2019. I read another post where it describes this process taking a long time as job cycles are allocated to the app.

-Can Arc handle this much data?
-Should we see data move from the export folder to the import folder?
-Is there a way to know that it’s processing?
-Is there any rhyme or reason to how it picks the data to process? i.e. date.
-Anything details that could be shared about how all of this works would be tremendous.

This app is amazing!

Hi @jdhartman!

Arc can definitely handle that much Moves data being imported. It was tested on Moves exports that were 300MB+.

When the import is happening you will see a green pill box at the bottom of the screen saying “IMPORTING”. The process should start almost immediately after Arc sees the files in “iCloud Drive/Arc App” folder (Arc is looking for either “iCloud Drive/Arc App/” or “iCloudDrive/Arc App/moves_export/” folder).

The data is imported in date order. I think from oldest to newest, though I’d have to double check that.

If for some reason the import has finished before importing all the data (which shouldn’t be possible, but strange things happen!) you can import individual Moves Storyline JSON files by dropping a copy of the file into the “Import” folder (“iCloud Drive/Arc App/Import”). If you do that, I recommend using day or month Moves Storyline JSON files, as larger files are liable to be too much for the iPhone’s memory limits.

The most common cause of failed imports is the (or folder) being put in the wrong place. Make sure you have it in the “Arc App” folder, not the “Import” folder!