Bug on Save to Files

When I try to export as GPX file to files app, the sheet comes up then immediately disappears. That makes it impossible to save to files app. This was introduced a couple of builds ago, I believe.

2024-04-05 10.02.39

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I was going to say “it works for me”, but it doesn’t! Sneaky little bug.

I was testing/using GPX export from timeline view a fair bit when building the GPX importer, so I guess it must’ve snuck in … well, I’d guess that it snuck in then, but if you think it’s been around a bit longer, then the mystery deepens.

I’ll have a poke around and see what I can find. Hopefully it’s something simple. Oh I wonder if it’s actually due to an iOS update. That “Save to Files” sheet is part of iOS, so I wonder if something changed in that layer and Arc now needs to act slightly differently. Hmm.

Was just about to report this bug

Probably an iOS update since I can confirm it did used to work flawlessly