Importing CSV files

Can I import files in csv format?

Unfortunately not yet! Though I’m not aware of any common CSV formats for location timeline data? Oh wait, or is Gyroscope export data in CSV format? I’ve got a feeling it is…

The csv format file contains information such as time, longitude, latitude, speed, etc. Can I send it to you? Can you check for me if it can be imported into this arc app?
thank you

Yes, gyroscope is csv, this is what I’m wanting to import, there are 3 different csv files that can be exported from gyroscope, places, which are individual locations, travel, which is start time stop time and a bajillion geotagged coordinates inbetween along with its guess as to whether you were walking or driving…or flying, and visits…idk what these are, I don’t have any in that export.

@Imabat, I recommend voting on the Gyroscope import feature request on Arc’s feature requests site:

It’s currently the highest voted feature request, so that makes it fairly likely that I’ll schedule time for it at some stage. But the more votes the better!

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