Hike workout imports as Car activity

I had an Apple Hike workout import as Car activity, and I can’t edit it to be anything else other than Car. I also can’t edit the activities of the affected segments even after I remove the Apple workout.

Screen cap is available upon request to the developers.


Hi @bhansley!

Sounds like the workout import bugged out somehow. I never saw that happen in testing, so I don’t have a good guess at cause yet. Though … ok now I see it. Hiking is a separate workout activity type from walking, and I hadn’t added it to the list of import types, so the import fell back to car (which also sounds like a bug - why fall back to car, of all things?).

I’ll get that fixed in the next update. Though in the meantime unfortunately there’s no way to clean it up in your timeline :persevere: In the current release, workouts can only be imported once, and not deleted and reimported. (The adding/removing from timeline just enables/disables the imported workout).

I’ll add something to make it possible to perhaps delete/reimport workouts in the next update.

I’m not sure I understand with this one. Perhaps a screenshot or two would be helpful for that detail. Thanks!