Cannot Merge the segmented into another one

Cannot Merge the segmented into another one.
So I have an activity Taxi about 1hour from place A to place B. Inside the segments detail it has a 18 mins Stationary. I want to choose the place of name A and combine within the place A.
When I “Edit individual segments” → choose the Stationary activity → Choose a different place → Then the Stationary activity disappear and immediately appear again inside the Segments.
Even though I chooce another place C. and then change C to A. It still not combine with previous place A activity but goign to Taxi activity again.

This will be due to the stationary segments being too far apart, and having separate centres of gravity.

For example if you arrive at a large mall, park your car in the carpark, then walk into the mall, if the carpark is far enough from where you end up, it’ll have a separate centre of gravity, and it’ll get treated as a separate visit.

There’s no easy way around this yet. Your best option is to determine what other place that outlier stationary could be classified as, and assign it to that (or create a new private place to match it, if one doesn’t exist). I do this for example with the bicycle parking places at home home and at my local mall, so I’ll have “Home → Home Bike Parking → Cycling → Mall Bike Parking → Mall”.

Still seems to have some bug. This two places are very near. it’s almost onr place. But still cannot merge

Looks like the two stationary segments are about 30 metres apart (100 feet)? Is there a segment of something else between them?

I cannot be sure about the 30m stuff. cause there is no exact data i can compare. it’s liking walking from a hotel’s room to it’s checkin place, inside a Crown plaza, not a super big hotel/