Arc backup problem and Arc mini crash problem

Arc backup problem
These are two screenshoot that taken at 00:10 and 08:58. So almost 9 hours and nothing was backed up and no tasks queue is actually doing anything. The Are app failed to do ‘first backup’ for almost 2 month. I’v already turn off the backup option and turn on for several times. But nothing succeed.

Arc Mini crash and map problem
So in China all geo-location have a difference to the real location latitude/longtitude. In Arc app the map and timeline shows correct segements and lines. But in Arc mini, seems it not corrected. I think there are some API or way in apple to correct it if it find the location is located in China.
Also, when I click any Place name, it go through the place detail and zoom in the map, and then crashed, every time.

Hi @o1x!

For the backups, I recommend not turning the setting off and on. That will reset the backup to zero, restarting the backup process from the beginning, so it will take longer.

There are two ways to get the backups to run:

  1. Plug the phone in to power, and leave Arc in the foreground while stationary. If the recording engine is in Sleep Mode (ie you are stationary), and the backups are out of date, and the phone is plugged in to power, Arc will run the backups in the foreground.

  2. Plug the phone in to power and leave Arc in the background while stationary. If the recording engine is in Sleep Mode, and the phone is plugged in to power, Arc’s requested background task will be run by iOS.

However, for 2, that is dependent on iOS’s mood, and whether it really does run the background task or not, and for how long, is entirely under Apple’s control. We can make sure the conditions are right (ie phone is plugged in to power and the phone isn’t being actively used), but we can’t force the task to be run. Only iOS / Apple can actually start the background task running.

Also, make sure that you never swipe either app closed. Swiping an app closed instructs iOS that you don’t want that app running, and may also reduce the chances of iOS running that app’s requested background tasks.

Also avoid leaving your phone in Low Power Mode, which will completely disable all background tasks.

And also make sure in iOS Settings app → General → Background App Refresh, Arc is enabled, and Background App Refresh is also enabled at the top of the view.

Arc Mini uses Apple Maps SDK, while Arc App uses Mapbox SDK. I guess Mapbox are adjusting for the China location offsets but Apple are not.

Ok, that sounds like something I can fix! I’ll look into the crash reports for Arc Mini and see what’s happening.

just to double make sure. You want me to leave the Arc app in foreground or the Arc Mini app?
I will try leave them in foregroud and see if it can doing the task.

Yes. I think this is the problem. But seems Apple’s own map app have the correct location :joy:

Leave Arc App in the foreground.

Arc Mini doesn’t have access to all of the same data as Arc App (it doesn’t have activity summaries, notes, maybe something else), so it can’t do the backups itself. But Arc Mini is useful for the debug views that let you see the full backup progress details.

Yeah that’s weird. I guess they’re doing it by the book - they got permission for their own app, but aren’t using the fix in their maps SDK because third party developers are all supposed to apply for permission individually.

this did worked. I know have the backup worked.

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