What would you like to see in Arc Timeline v3.17?

Arc v3.16 has gone live on the App Store now. With the big new feature being GPX Import - one of the top voted feature requests for a long while!

Now let’s see where everyone’s enthusiasm lies for what should be added to v3.17 :smile:

  • A Places tab similar to the Activity tab
  • Import flight data from external sources
  • Improvements to Dark Mode support
  • Shortcuts support
  • Custom activity types
  • Calendar import
  • Custom date ranges
  • Exist integration
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Oh, random thing: The app has been renamed to Arc Timeline, due to that similarly named web browser being all that talk lately. Another member of the Uninspired App Namers Club :roll_eyes:

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I would like to add again these two:


Yeah both of those should already be high in the todos. I’ve been leaving them off the polls because they’re smaller, quicker tasks that wouldn’t headline a major release but could easily be built into any update.

I’ll double check to make sure their tasks are definitely high priority… Wtf, they’re not in there at all. Unless I’m searching for the wrong words. But ugh, no wonder I’ve been missing getting them done.

Ok, they’re there now. Can’t miss them this time!

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That’s great, thanks!

So I just got started on writing my own Exist integration (basically only want to track how much time I spend at the office and correlate that with my mood lol), but then I see it’s on the list here? That’s fantastic to know :slight_smile:

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@kilian Looks like there’s not as much interest in the Exist integration compared to the other poll options yet :grimacing: Though I just started using Exist again myself recently, so it is on my mind again!

Maybe it won’t be overly time consuming to implement, so there’s a chance I’ll get it done anyway. Although having said that, I only ever get done a tiny fraction of the work on my todos lists, so… no promises!

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