Adding additional activity types

I’d like to add an activity type to cover use of rental electric scooters. Is there a mechanism to add activity types or should I just use another activity type? I’m conscious that this will probably affect the classification logic?

Hi @gsoper!

The term “scooter” has muddled meaning depending on where you are in the world. For much of the world, it is only used for what other places might call a “stand up scooter”, and never used for smaller / less powerful motorbikes. But in other places it means both stand up scooters and small motorbikes.

So what I’ve gone with is a single “scooter” type, but that can be used for both. In practice it won’t matter that different regions use the term differently, because Arc’s shared ML models are region specific (even down to neighbourhood level). So whichever definition is preferred locally will end up matching with the local data.

The only remaining muddle really is the icon. We went with a Vespa style icon because that’s what the term means in Mladen’s part of the world (Arc’s UI/UX designer). But in my part of the world (Asia) it has the other meaning only :joy: There’s really no winning on this one.

But yeah, short answer is: Just use the existing scooter type and all will be fine. The two different vehicle types are only marginally different in their ML data anyway (most notable being top speeds, but not really that different in average/most common speeds!)

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