Splitting a segment and adding a stop

I’ve got a single segment of walking which was actually walking-stop-walking but the stop wasn’t long enough to trigger the automatic detection. Looks like I can split the segment (although it only stays split if I pick different types) but not add a stop?

Even if I can’t add a stop, being able to say “don’t join segments I’ve manually split” would be a help because then I can see my two distinct segments and mentally insert the stop myself.

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Hi again @zimpenfish!

To add a stop, split the segments using the “stationary” activity type. Then tap on the new stationary segment in the segments list, and assign a place to the stationary segment. That will force the processing engine to split that segment out as a separate Visit. And because the Visit has a manually assigned Place, it won’t be automatically merged back in to the surrounding trip items.

Arc’s timeline items processing engine has certain thresholds for what constitutes a “keeper”. For Visits, the requirements are either 2+ minutes duration, or a manually assigned / confirmed Place. So for example if you stop a convenience store briefly and are out within 2 minutes, you can tap on that stationary segment in the segments list and assign a place to it (eg “7-Eleven”), and that will split it out as a separate Visit that meets the “keeper” threshold.

Aside: For Path items (the trip items between visits) the “keeper” rules are a bit more fuzzy, but basically they’re something like >30 seconds duration and >10 metres distance.